April/May 1997 -- Yesterday we noted Paul's use of the Greek word poema (from which we get "poem") to describe God's workmanship in Creation (Rom. 1:20) and in his New Creation in Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:10). I described the divine handiwork in Creation, which we experienced recently in California. It aawed us into silence and then elicited outbursts of adoration. God's "poem" in his New Creation … [Read more...]


April/May 1997 -- Our English word "poem" comes directly from the Greek poema which means "a piece of work," whether an act, deed or -- as in this instance -- a literary product. Paul uses this Greek word twice in the New Testament to describe God's workmanship. God's first "poem" is Creation itself (Rom. 1:20). His second "poem" is the redeemed life of women and men who constitute God's new … [Read more...]