ROBERT SHANK (1918-2006)

I have just learned of the passing of Robert Shank, 88, who died peacefully at his home in Mount Vernon, Missouri on October 16, 2006, ten days after suffering a debilitating stroke. His death concluded an earthly pilgrimage of humble conviction and quiet scholarship, bringing to an end more than 60 years of faithful ministry as a Christian pastor, preacher, author, lecturer and teacher. Following … [Read more...]


October 2006 -- Sara Faye and I returned safely on Monday evening from a whirlwind driving trip of about 1,350 miles through parts of Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Along the way we visited a favorite uncle, aunt and cousin of Sara Faye's in Memphis, checked on Sara Faye's old home-place in Franklin, Tenn. and visited my mother in Tupelo, Miss., where we also saw … [Read more...]