For nearly 2,000 years, Christian believers have differed concerning the proper role of earthly governments and what, if anything, Christians should seek to accomplish through them. For more than four centuries, they lived under the authority of imperial Rome, which sometimes looked like God's agent (Rom. 13:1-7) and at other times like an enemy beast (Rev. 13). Jesus acknowledged Caesar's limited … [Read more...]

Reconciling the Bible and Science A BOOK REVIEW

God has no controversy with evolution and evolution poses no threat to faith in God. That is the message (though not a direct quote) of Reconciling the Bible and Science: A Primer on the Two Books of God, by Lynn Mitchell and Kirk Blackard (self-published, 2009, softcover, 266 pages). The fight is not between creation and science, these authors insist. The fight is either between creation and … [Read more...]