The long-awaited Rethinking Hell Conference last weekend (July 11-12, 2014) brought together nearly 150 registrants and participants from the USA, Canada, U.K., France, Lithuania, New Zealand and Australia at the campus of the Lanier Theological Library and Chapel in Houston, Texas. The Conference sponsor, the Rethinking Hell (RH) Project, is presently uploading presentations to its RH Channel on … [Read more...]


The first thing one sees, upon entering our house through the front door, is a glass-enclosed atrium, approximately 10x10 and open to the sky. Inside the atrium are a small waterfall and a little pool. Animated by a hidden circulating pump, the two water features bring inside the house the sight and sound of one of Nature's wonders. Around the water in all directions, a few plants and assorted … [Read more...]

Perspectives on infant baptism

A gracEmail subscriber requests some larger perspective on the differences among Christians regarding infant baptism. In the following answer, we will distinguish between Christians holding two points of view and practicing accordingly. PEDO- Baptists baptize babies; CREDO-Baptists baptize only professing believers. * * * In the Book of Acts, Luke tells how the Holy Spirit empowered the … [Read more...]


It has been my privilege in recent years first to become acquainted with and then to grow to appreciate the work of Al Maxey as a preacher and as a writer. Those who have heard him teach at the Tulsa Workshop and elsewhere, or who have regularly read his studious e-mailings, know precisely what I mean. Having invested his life in ministry among the "mainline" and even some of the more … [Read more...]

churches’ actions show real beliefs (2 parts)

Part 1 The good news is that in 2013, autonomous congregations affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) did what their name suggests and baptized more than 300,000 new converts by total immersion. The bad news is that the SBC baptismal tally during 2013 is down more than 100,000 from the number reported in 2009. The decline represents a 26% drop in yearly baptisms, and the lowest … [Read more...]