Family Notes 13/01/2016



Dr. Gary Collier, creator of the popular “Coffee With Paul” (CWP) adult Bible studies, is now starting a new study of the Greek text of Philippians. This inviting but in-depth journey through one of Paul’s most practical epistles is open to men or women of any age with any prior Greek studies, without regard to academic degrees or formal education. It is especially well-suited to preachers, Bible class teachers, and other church leaders. CWP will publish the resulting translation. For more information, go to:


God’s children constantly share encouragement with each other–ranging from total strangers to dearest friends. The following is excerpted from a personal email I received this week from Kim A., a gracEmail subscriber, but it is suffiiciently broad in content that I believe you will be encouraged by it also. — Edward

Kim writes: “As we age and seemingly lose control of many bodily functions we took for granted, we grieve, but not like those who have no hope. If Jesus was perfected through suffering, we should not be surprised when we suffer. Jesus suffered, in part, so he could fully identify with our humanity. His words of encouragement come to mind for me often, ‘Take heart! I have overcome the world.’ We have the wonderful promise of new bodies to replace these that are failing us. I am confident you will persevere and finish well. Forge ahead to take hold of your rewards–and the greatest will be waking up to see His face.

God feels for you now and in your times of need, He will not leave you or forsake you. We know there is value in our sufferings . . . and when we share those with others, they help us to carry these burdens. And it lightens our own burdens when we find that we are not so alone in our struggles. Thank you for bravely sharing your trials; you are becoming more because of them. You inspire me to embrace my own troubles and continue to fight the good fight. I will pray for you—for strength in your inner being, for peace, and for many good days ahead—until you receive that eternal healing that we all look forward to in Christ.”


Sara Faye writes an internal communication medium called “Love Notes” for the Women’s Bible Study group at our church. She shared the following one with me, and I simply must enable you to enjoy it also. — Edward

LOVE NOTES by Sara Faye Fudge (Jan. 10, 2016) — “One of the last remnants of Christmas to be put away is all my CDs of Christmas music. Driving to church this morning, we heard a beloved one (a gift of Leah Snyder, thank you again!) by Mary Chapin Carpenter. The words to one song struck me as particularly powerful–‘Come Darkness, Come Light.’ I gave you a link to it below if you want to hear the entire song. Her words, ‘come broken, come whole,’ ‘come doubting, come sure,’ and ‘come running, come walking slow,’ just seem to cover the whole of our physical situations, don’t they. Some of us are hale and hearty, whole and healthy, while some of us are struggling with brokenness and manage only a slow walk. But all of us can make it to Jesus and can sing ‘hallelujah!’
Hear it at: