Family Notes 19/02/2016


JUSTICE SCALIA LECTURE — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia lectured at the Lanier Theological Library (“LTL”) on September 6, 2013. His topic was, “Is Capitalism or Socialism More Conducive to Christian Virtue?” This lecture, like all Antonin Scalia presentations, was profound but easily understood. To enjoy it on video, go to:

Justice Scalia was noted in all his circles for his imaginative and expressive mind, but also for his humor and quick wit. They all shine in this presentation at LTL. “Visit” the extraordinary Lanier Theological Library at:

BOOK PRICE REDUCED — The publisher has called to my attention that is presently offering A Consuming Passion: Essays on Hell and Immortality in Honor of Edward Fudge at a substantial discount off the regular price. Edited by Ron Highfield (Pepperdine University) and Chris Date (Rethinking Hell Project), this 430-page book contains 22 chapters by contributors from six or seven countries on four continents. For more information about reduced price, go to:

GRACE TRANSFORMS — “If transformation is a key biblical concept, then grace is what makes it happen.” So begins a well-thought and thought-provoking blogpost by gracEmail subscriber, educator and missionary Dr. Gary Crofford titled ‘Peoples transformed: sharing Christ cross-culturally.'” He continues: “Grace – a metaphor for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit – is one of the most powerful forces known to humanity. When God’s grace changes a person, it spills over to touch members of the entire family, even whole communities.”

This, Crofford says, is what Christian missions are all about, as seen particularly in the book of Acts. “Yet the book of Acts doesn’t stop there,” Crofford notes. “The power of the Holy Spirit like sound waves from a sonic boom – travels outward, transforming everything in its path. The day of Pentecost in Acts 2 is the divine sonic boom, and the rest of Acts records the echoes. No one culture or nation can trap God in a bottle, cork it, and taunt: ‘We have God in a bottle and we’re not sharing!’ The good news of Jesus Christ is good news for all, or it is not good news at all.”

The post ends with a forthright challenge for all Christians to hear Jesus’ great commission–individually and one by-one–and accept the challenge to live as a commisioned agent who works behind enemy lines to advance the Kingdom of God.

To read Crofford’s post in its entirety, go to:

Gregory Crofford M.A., Ph.D. University of Manchester, England, 2005, 2008 is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene and presently serves as coordinator of education and clergy development for the Africa region.