Family Notes 16/03/2016



Ralph Watson

The human mind craves conversation. The verbal dimension, the realm of the Word, is unique to our human consciousness. Dialogue bonds speaker and hearer in the moment forever, like a bookmark in time.

In room 304 at LakeRidge Senior Center, living water flows, and people are coming from all around and half a world away to partake of it, in the form of conversation with Harry Robert Fox. Harry Fox has been true to his original self and open to the Word in ways that the rest of us can only admire. Now, at the end of his days, a surprising number seek out this man who has spent so many years immersed in the Word and in the Spirit that inhabits that Word.

They come, call and write

LakeRidge Senior Living is just down the road from my work and across from the gas station I frequent, so I have plenty of opportunities to drop in on Harry. Many others have come during his fourteen months in this room: family, friends, ministers, doctors, nurses, orderlies, former students, colleagues.

Many more call on the phone and talk for long stretches. And Harry writes elegant letters, receiving piles of mail in return. Once when I walked in, he was holding one of many letters he receives in Japanese, this one from a woman he had taught decades ago. He showed me pictures that were enclosed and recounted rich details of long-ago conversations.

Now, the people who write and call and come to Harry’s room are not just coming to drink, though we all do. Harry is surrounded by and attracts others who also have the well-spring within. He has a way of focusing on and bringing out the truth and love he sees in every person he encounters. When Harry listens to my cosmic ramblings I know that he is as interested in hearing what the Creator has revealed to me as he is in imparting his own ample knowledge of the Word.

Story teller

Harry Fox has not only been a witness to much in his day, he also has the gift for bearing witness. Like every good writer or story teller he has seen much and can readily say what he saw. As a Christian I look forward to that future day when all eyes and ears will be opened and tongues loosed with that gift, when we will see only the good, in ourselves and in others. Now that will be a great conversation indeed, when we can see through each other’s eyes and hear through each other’s ears, and all words will be the right ones.

I don’t know how much longer we have to enjoy the living water in room 304 during this act of the great drama called Life, but I suspect there will be ample time in the next act of the play to continue the great conversation, in the Word.


Those who reject God’s mercy now will face him one day in judgment and be banished into hell. However, many popular ideas about hell actually sprang from ancient myths, pagan philosopy, and medieval feudalism – not from the Word of God.

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