Family Notes 06/04/2016


Scott and Lisa Harris and their daughter Mariah, missioners in Mozambique serving with African Outreach Ministries (AOM), urgently request your prayers for healing of physical and emotional injuries they recently sustained. They were overpowered, tied up, and assaulted by three masked men who broke into their home about 8 p.m. on March 17, 2016. The thieves escaped with approximately $10,000 worth of personal property, including cash, jewelry, and electronic gear.

The incident spurred Scott to take precautionary measures to prevent future attacks. Among other things, he plans to build a wall around their property and plant bougainvillea around the wall. The flowering plant is attractive, grows quickly in Mozambique, and has thorny branches that discourage climbers. Cost of constructing the wall is estimated to be about $9,000.

The AOM Board of Directors believe that building this protective wall around the Harris’ compound is a critical step that they must take as soon as possible, and they have asked them to make preparations accordingly. AOM was begun by Allen and Janelle Avery, missioners to other parts of Southern Africa. The board invites your contributions to cover the Harris’ medical expenses and to help replace some necessary supplies that were stolen. Contributions can be made directly to AOM via its website at:

or by check mailed to: African Outreach Ministries, 9119 Hwy 6 Suite 230 #134, Missouri City, TX 77459.


A curmudgeon worthy of the label, Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1876-1934) is being rediscovered in an age of positive self-image and political correctness. Part philosopher and dramatist, literary and art critic, part orator and lay theologian, he has been called many things, one of the more polite being the “prince of paradox.” Here is a reading of his book What’s Wrong With the World? These essays are as relevant today as they were in 1910. Free at:


GracEmail subscribers have partnered before with Ngulu Christian Academy (NCA) in Kenya, through which the local church of Christ educates 151 students, many of them orphans, in grades 1-6. One of the biggest challenges NCA has faced from its establishment is the lack of course texts, revision books, and basic reference materials. The challenge is becoming a crisis with the growth in enrollment — almost 40% increase this year. The few tattered text books that are available are also endangered, as there is no proper storage facility (“library”) for the books.

NCA requests your prayers that the school will be able to construct a “library” and fully stock it with basic materials. If you want to be part of the answer to these prayers, you can make checks payable to: “Poplar Avenue Church of Christ, Duane G. Earles,” mark it: “for NCA Library,” and mail to: Attn: Duane G. Earles, 9700 Southwest Blvd., Wichita, KS 67215.