The Personal Pages

Sara Faye and I live in a suburb of Houston, Texas, where we raised our children after moving here in 1982 from Athens, Alabama, the town in which I grew up. (Sara Faye grew up in Franklin, Tennessee, 80 miles up Interstate Highway 65 from Athens.) Since 1988, I have made a living as an attorney. I am now “of counsel” with the Lanier Law Firm, whose owner, Mark Lanier, is also a dear friend and sponsor of my ministry.

My mother is the former Sybil Short, whose parents, Will and Delia Short, were missionaries in southern Africa from 1921 until the 1980’s. Their story and hers are told in wonderful detail in her memoirs, Fourscore Years And Counting: My Life in Seven Chapters.

My father was Bennie Lee Fudge, a Christian publisher and preacher who influenced a generation of believers in Churches of Christ and Christian Churches through his “Use Your Bible” workbooks for Sunday Schools. His family’s story, and an account of his own powerful ministry is told in brief in my book, The Sound of His Voice.

Married since 1967, Sara Faye (Locke) and I have shared many adventures and opportunities. As Jesus foretold, at times we have shared opposition as well. However, God is faithful and rich in mercy, full of kindness and grace. May his name be exalted, and may he be worshipped and praised forever!

Chief among our earthly blessings are two wonderful children and their spouses, and five delightful grandchildren. Our daughter Melanie and her husband Michael are parents of Julia and Zeke and live near us in the western suburbs of greater Houston. Our son Jeremy and his wife Kristy are parents of Brynna, Addy, and Calley. They live in the Dallas metroplex, from our home an auto trip of four or five hours, depending on who is driving.