Christianity On Trial (Book Notice)

Imagine for a moment that someone was able to locate, juggle schedules, arrange transportation, and bring together into one room all the following: * a high school prodigy whose minister sometimes invited him to preach in the largest congregation of their association; * a biblical languages major and avid Bible student; * a national debate champion in university competition; * a … [Read more...]


A pastor has issued a "call to arms" to his denomination, concerned that some of his brethren are non-trinitarian in theology and that others who are trinitarian are not militant enough in purging the denominational ranks. Although I do not belong to that denomination, the pastor sent me a copy of his "call to arms," The following was my response. * * *Zeal for biblical truth is entirely … [Read more...]


Someone asks whether it is necessary to say that God is a Trinity, one God in three persons, in order to be saved. *          *          *Evidently not, since the New Testament Scriptures never use the word "Trinity" or the expression "three persons." However, Scripture says much indeed concerning the nature and identity of Jesus Christ, who is the divine Word-made-flesh. lt also speaks of the … [Read more...]


A gracEmail concerning God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit provoked a cross-section of responses. One reader pointed to Old Testament references she regarded as trinitarian. Another subscriber remarked that he has "never seen a trinitarian who can explain the nature of God." A third correspondent expressed appreciation for what he considered the "clear, practical, and biblical" exposition set out … [Read more...]


A missionary writes from Brazil, "A lady who studied with me had trouble accepting God in three persons. How do you see the doctrine of the Trinity?" * * *From first to last in Scripture, God reveals himself as the One and only true God, beside whom there is no other (Deut. 6:5; Isa. 43:10; James 2:19). Jesus was a strict monotheist, as all faithful Jews since Abraham have been. Yet Jesus … [Read more...]