You can order a DVD from the Hell and Mr. Fudge movie website

"Hell and Mr. Fudge" is a beautifully-filmed feature movie based on the human story behind the book The Fire That Consumes. A professional independent producer asked to make this film, starring Mackenzie Astin ("Edward"), Keri Lynn Pratt ("Sara Faye"), John Wesley Shipp ("Bennie Lee Fudge"), Eileen Davidson ("Sybil Fudge"), Wes Robertson (best friend "Joe Mark" = Joey Curtis + Mark Whitt), Frank Hoyt Taylor ("Arvid McGuire"), and Sean McGowan (stereotype composite protagonist Don Haloway).

The movie Hell and Mr. Fudge was honored with the 2012 Platinum Award in the "Theatrical Feature Film - Christian" category at the Houston International Film Festival.

Hell and Mr. Fudge – movie sample reel “First Look”

This video was put together by David Brillhart, Director of Photography of the upcoming feature Hell and Mr. Fudge. Currently in post, this is true life story of Edward Fudge, a young preacher who discovers its not easy to believe something new and different.

Hell & Mr Fudge Promo

From the inspirational true story of Edward Fudge and his search for the truth comes the movie “Hell and Mr. Fudge.” This is the first promo of production in progress from LLT Productions, Angwin, California.