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Outline Studies on Baptism Restoring the Ministry of Christian Healing Prayer Outline Studies on the Holy Spirit The Purpose and Duration of Spiritual Gifts … [Read more...]

The Purpose and Duration of Spiritual Gifts  

 by Edward Fudge Copyrighted 2006 by Edward Fudge   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Approaching this subject   Many of us have encountered extremes in attitude regarding the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. Some have been self-promoting, proud, divisive. Some have shut the door to the Holy Spirit … [Read more...]

13 Lessons on the Holy Spirit

LESSONS ON THE HOLY SPIRIT by Edward Fudge LESSON 1 of 13 GOD'S SPIRIT IN THE WORLD BEFORE JESUS The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament __________________________________ Spirit of God = God's powerful active presence in the world. __________________   1. To create and to overpower chaos. Genesis 1:1-2ff 2. To animate all living beings. Genesis 6:1-3 Job 33:4 Psalms … [Read more...]


Restoring the Ministry of Christian Healing Prayer We live in a broken world. Does God see all this? Does he care? Is he uninterested in such "worldly" matters? Does the Bible offer any help? If so, do we -- the church? Through much of the past 2,000 years, the church has seemingly said "No." However, the Bible provides us with astounding good news! God does see and care -- he does wish to be … [Read more...]

11 Outlines on Baptism

In these 11 detailed outlined lessons on baptism, Edward walks with you through some of the most comprehensive biblical study of its kind available anywhere today. Focused throughout on Jesus Christ's finished work of salvation, these studies call believers to the restoration of this biblical gospel ordinance. Also available in pdf format: Studies on Baptism BAPTISM -- A CLOSER LOOK by Edward … [Read more...]