Worship Resources

Calls to Worship Benedictions Confession-Pardon-Praise A Service of Prayer for Christian Healing Communion Meditation and Prayers … [Read more...]


We prepare for prayer Hymn -- "Love Divine, All Love Excelling" [Or select throughout hymns of your own choice. A list of traditional hymns containing references to divine healing is found at end of this service order below.] OPENING REMARKS [Here and later the speaker or leader might wish to comment concerning some aspect of divine healing. A lengthy list of Scriptures on the topic is … [Read more...]

Calls To Worship

These calls to worship may be read solo by a worship leader, in unison by the church, or responsively (leader/congregation, right/left, men/women). All language comes directly from Scripture (except the "Amen"). Also available in pdf format:¬†Calls To Worship 1. Stand up and bless the Lord your God from everlasting to everlasting: Blessed be your glorious Name which is exalted above all … [Read more...]