frequently asked questions

  1. What is gracEmail?

    It is a thoughtful, seasoned, informed, spiritual internet column — usually no more than four paragraphs long. A gracEmail might answer a biblical or other spiritual question asked by a subscriber, present a teaching from scripture, give a book notice or review, a devotional or meditation, or commentary on current events.

  2. Who is Edward, anyway?

    He is a Christian scholar, author and Bible teacher living in Houston, Texas, who has been a pulpit preacher, pastor/elder, editor, publisher and, since 1988, a practicing attorney.

  3. What is Edward’s academic background?

    As a foundation (besides having devout Christian parents who both taught the Bible), he attended Athens (Ala.) Bible School, where he had a Bible class and chapel every day for 12 years. For three years beginning in 1962, he studied under the late Homer Hailey verse-by-verse through much of the Bible at Florida College, then earned bachelor’s (1967) and master’s degrees (1968) in biblical languages from Abilene Christian University, followed by another year of theology and related topics at Covenant Theological Seminary and Eden Theological Seminary, both in St. Louis, Missouri. Nearly two decades later, he earned a doctorate in jurisprudence (1988) from the University of Houston. You can see his Curriculum Vitae here.

  4. To which denomination does Edward belong?

    Edward’s heritage is in the Stone-Campbell “Restoration Movement,” and he has lived most his life in the Churches of Christ, in which he presently serves. From 1975-82, he was pastor of a small nondenominational church called “Elm Street Church.”

  5. Does gracEmail promote the doctrines of any particular sect?

    No, it does not. Edward is committed to the Christ-centered Scriptures without regard to any denominational or sectarian “slant.” He believes that every legitimate Christian movement has something to contribute to the body of Christ, and that all Christians should be willing to learn from each other.

  6. That doesn’t sound like some Churches of Christ I have known.

    The Holy Spirit is doing a gospel work among Churches of Christ, glorifying Jesus Christ and turning hearts to trust in him alone for salvation. Edward has been used by God in that work for almost 50 years, and he is widely known for his focus on Jesus Christ and his emphasis on the grace of God. This pleases some people and displeases others.

  7. Does gracEmail cost me?

    Only the few minutes it takes you to read it. It is sent out free of charge, although a single gracEmail may represent many hours of work by Edward in preparation and delivery.

  8. How did gracEmail begin?

    In early 1996, Edward was asking God for more opportunity to serve with the gifts God had given him, particularly in encouraging and teaching. About that time, friends persuaded him to get on-line, and he soon began correspondences with many people. GracEmail quickly evolved out of those circumstances.

  9.  How can I subscribe?

    Send an email to: . Write “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject line (without the quotes).