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With more than fifty years experience, Edward faithfully explains and applies Scripture in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. The core of his teaching is God’s undeserved kindness to sinners, manifested in the faithful life, atoning death, powerful resurrection, glorious ascension, and mighty enthronement of Jesus Christ as priest and king–now seated at God’s right hand–until.

God entrusted Edward early with a grace-gift (charisma) of teaching, which he began to exercise before he could legally drive. While blessed with eighteen years of formal Scripture studies from first grade through post-graduate schools, enhanced by more than fifty years of self-directed Bible study in English and in Greek, Edward is keenly aware that it is God himself who ultimately teaches, reveals, enlightens, and gives us understanding.

“My name is on the long list of those who’ve been touched by the pen of Edward Fudge,” writes Christian author Max Lucado. “God has graced this friend with the knowledge of what matters–and what doesn’t.”


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