GracEmail: Daily Answers to Life’s Big Questions

GracEmail - Daily AnswersNOW A HARDBACK GIFT BOOK!

A hardback daily devotional containing a choice gracEmail for every day of the year!

You will treasure this attractive volume of 365 carefully-chosen gracEmails, specially edited for this collection.

Thom Lemmons — “Edward Fudge has the mind of a scholar and the heart of a shepherd. God has gifted this brother with a vision for the whole body of Christ and a depth of insight gleaned from years in the Word.”

Charme Robarts — “Edward Fudge believes that the faith is not threatened by hard questions. With the gentleness of Christ, he answers supporters and detractors alike with respect, candor, and a wealth of informed understanding.”

451 pages, hardback with silk ribbon marker. $14.99

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