Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today

Heb_front_coverby EDWARD WILLIAM FUDGE
Foreword by Haddon W. Robinson

Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today is a “bridge” commentary — delivering the best insights of contemporary scholarship in understandable, non-technical language. The author of Hebrews used four Psalms as a framework to re-tell the story of Jesus to a disheartened audience that was tempted to walk away. The same structure and intense focus on Jesus permeates and empowers this narrative commentary, bringing fresh encouragement to believers today.An international spectrum of Bible scholars and church leaders commend the meticulous scholarship and sound exposition in this book, and note its tremendous clarity and simplicity, its wise application and elegant prose. Reviewers call it ‘brilliant’ and ‘a momentous accomplishment.’ A homiletics professor labels it ‘essential’; a preacher calls it ‘a mandatory asset.”Intended for all serious readers not fluent in Greek, whether preachers, university and seminary students, or adult Bible class teachers or students.


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“As a follow up, the Wednesday evening study I led from Hebrews [at our Methodist church] using your book was very successful. We spent several months on the study and your book was invaluable. I learned so much! Thank you for your dedication to your writing.” — Rita Purser, Jackson, MS.


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On Sunday, August 9, 2009, Edward was interviewed in the 373-member Biblical Literacy Class of Champion Forest Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, by class teacher Mark Lanier. To see full-length video click here

PRINTED INTERVIEW with the author here.

THE HEART OF HEBREWSThis article, titled “Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today,” was requested by Leaven Magazine after Edward’s presentations at Pepperdine University Lectures in May 2009. To read, click here.

VIDEO SERMONSThese two sermons on Jesus Christ in the book of Hebrews sum up the heart and message of that ancient sermon, and were preached on Sunday morning, August 17, 2008 at Christian Gospel Temple in Cross Plains, Tennessee. As he approaches age 69 this summer, Edward believes no other message he has ever preached or written is more important than this one. To view, click here.