A Journey Toward Jesus: 10th Letter

bridge2A Journey Toward Jesus
–Tenth Letter

February 13, 1974

Dear Edward,

I hope this letter finds you and yours well. It has been a while since I have heard from you by letter, so I thought I would write and keep the correspondence going.

I am anxiously (but not patiently, I’m afraid) awaiting some of your comments concerning the things I have asked in past letters. If you have kept them, I am hoping especially that you deal with some of the questions I asked in my December 10 letter. As you can tell I am particularly interested in seeing how some of your thoughts are applied on a “practical” level. I still cannot get it through my head that somehow this doesn’t encourage error or at least the tolerance of it. Perhaps you can illustrate it another way or in actual application to show how it does not encourage such.

Well, this is one letter that I didn’t lose any sleep over; it’s only 6:00 p.m., Wednesday night. I will close now. Answer when you have time. May the Lord bless you in every right endeavor to serve Him.

Love in Christ,