A Journey Toward Jesus: 6th Letter


A Journey Toward Jesus
–Sixth Letter

December 3, 1973

Dear Bruce,

It looks like you write letters late at night! Anyway, it was good to get the one that came this morning, and I am happy that you are finding some good in the things I have to say. You are exactly right about the “awesome task” of “putting things in perspective” and “re-evaluating long held conceptions and beliefs,” and I pray that God will give us both wisdom to do those things in the light only of His Word and without regard of the consequences. We have His promise that He will help us in such a task, not only in James, but in the Sermon on the Mount (“ask,” “seek” and “knock”). As you suggest, all that really matters is that we please the Lord – and that ought to be a joyful and thrilling task, not one that continually leads to unhappiness and improper squabbles among those attempting it.

I will write along, for sure, and you do the same. That is one thing about a sermon that is unfortunate – it is a one-way street. Letters do not need to be, however, so you keep me informed on your thinking along from time to time.

More later. Write any time!