Christianity Without Ulcers

Edited from Edward’s church bulletin articles written during his 1968-72 ministry in St. Louis, Mo., this collection of spiritual reflections makes for easy reading in short snatches.
Edward Fudge

Table of Contents


Living In The Now Age

“Christ now stands squarely between the
Christian and the world. This means that
the person who is in Christ must view
everything through ‘Christ-colored
glasses.’ … There can be no realm, no
area, no compartment of life where
Christ is not Lord.”

God’s Person and God’s People

“There is no merit in ‘keeping house’
for the Lord. Jesus told of a man who
tried that and ended with seven devils
in residence…. Stewards are either
faithful or unfaithful. There is no
middle ground.”

Into His Courts With Joy

“The joy… that comes from a knowledge
that God has accepted you in spite of
your sins and weaknesses and all your
shortcomings — because Jesus took your
place… this joy is beyond words.”

Taking A Second Look

“Because some seek quick answers, the
hawker with the loudest and simplest
spiel often attracts the crowds… It is
much easier to talk than to think, and
not nearly so demanding.”

Putting Things Into Perspective

“The ‘severity of God’ is not that of a
Big Bad Bully who wants to punish us. It
is not that of a Taskmaster God who
stands … ready to give the lash the
moment we slip. When the Scriptures
speak of God’s judgment they almost
always speak of it in a context of
rebellion or rejection.”