03.HAWKS VS. DOVES: 740 B.C.

IN A DAY when men base security (both personal and national) on military might, treaties and leagues, it is just a bit ego-deflating for one to realize that he is little more sophisticated in this regard than his counterpart in Palestine, seven centuries before Christ. (Your great-102-times-grandfather was still around then!)

Assyria and Egypt were the Big Two. Both wanted to rule their world. Israel was caught in the middle. And in spite of their glorious past, including all the mighty acts of God on their behalf, Israelites were divided on the best course to follow in national policy.

The Hawks (Hezekiah was a leader) were pro-Egypt. They wanted an alliance with Egypt against Assyria. They advocated active resistance against the invader. The Doves preferred a treaty with Assyria, if not outright surrender. “Buy them off,” was their philosophy.

God’s answer, through His true prophet Isaiah, was simple. “Repent, reform, and let God save Israel in His own way.” Today this principle is unchanged. So is human nature.

Righteousness still exalts a nation; sin is still a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34). God still rules in the kingdoms of men (Daniel 2:21; 5:21), though He has no favorite any longer. But in spite of the clear warnings of nature, history and revelation, man generally refuses to confess God’s sovereignty or admit his own coming destruction.

Jesus Christ is God’s answer today. And Jesus has promised that the one (in any nation) who believes in Him and is baptized shall be saved (Mark 16:16). To accept Christ does not guarantee freedom from war, or even freedom from conquest. It does guarantee the “peace that passes understanding” — no matter what happens.

You can depend on Christ. And that is precisely what one can never say for armed might, treaties, the United Nations or any man. What is the basis of your security?