“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ” (Romans 1:16).

THE WORD represented here by “ashamed” in the King James Version is full of meaning. An essential thought is that translated by the Authorized Version to be ashamed. In the past we did things of which we are now ashamed (Romans 6:21). We live now so as not to be ashamed when we face God (I John 2:28). The person who is ashamed of Jesus or His word will find that Christ is ashamed of him on the Day of Judgment (Mark 8:38). Paul was not ashamed of the good news of Christ. He told it openly!

Another meaning of this word is “embarrassed.” Paul was not embarrassed to suffer for Christ (II Timothy 1: 12). The good man Onesiphorus was not embarrassed to visit Paul in the Roman prison (II Timothy 1:16). Timothy was instructed not to be embarrassed when he preached about a man dying on a cross (II Timothy 1:18). No Christian is to be embarrassed when he suffers for Christ’s sake (I Peter 4:16). Paul was not embarrassed by the gospel of Christ. He repeated it proudly!

His word also contains the idea of “disappointment.” Paul seems to use it this way when he says that in his hope based on Christ he will not be “ashamed” (Philippians 1:20, KJV). Peter describes Christ as a cornerstone, tested and tried. He promises that the one who puts his trust in Him will not be disappointed (I Peter 2:6-8). Paul was not disappointed in the good news about Jesus. He affirmed it confidently!

Are you ashamed of the story of Jesus? Do you ever tell it to your friends? Will Christ be ashamed when you face Him in judgment and say you are His?