O GOD, PLEASE open our eyes! Help us step out of the world and its mad rush to destruction. Allow us to move quietly to a place — just for a moment — where we can think … reflect … see past the “busyness” of life and all the temporary baubles that Satan dangles before us. Let us see the eternal values.

Make us aware, God, as Elisha’s servant was informed, that beyond the enemies’ troops wait the invisible armies of the Living God. Help us, as Balaam, to see past the foolish frustrations of every day to the serious truth that we are dying in our present worldly course.

Allow us to realize with Paul that even while our body is growing old and returning to dust, our inner man can be renewed by springs of living water. Help us to see past present clouds to the Heavenly City where our names are written. Let us confess that we are strangers and pilgrims here. May we pass by the world’s solutions, in hope of a better resurrection.

Lord, please let us see! Give to our understanding eyes of faith. Let us know the hope which calls, the splendor of our inheritance, the power available to us who believe! God, please open our eyes.

As did Jesus, let us see the joy set before us, and in that knowledge give us strength to endure our cross. With John on Patmos, may we see that behind earthly conflicts rages a far greater struggle. May we know that above it all the Throne endures and the Lamb is worthy. Let us find comfort in knowing that the Hand which holds the seven stars reaches also to assure our fearful hearts.

Lord, please let us see! And when we see these things, we will leave our carelessness and negligence. When our eyes are really open, we will humbly and joyfully do Thy Will.

O God, please open our eyes.