The Grace of God: 1. To The Reader

The more important a subject, the greater emotions and passions are stirred when it is discussed. And few topics — if any — are more crucial to true Christianity than the “grace of God.” Its teaching, therefore, has almost always been accompanied by stormy controversy.

     Even the Apostle Paul faced the opposite perversions of license” and “legalism” — with some charging him (falsely, of course!) with both errors. When the same message Paul preached is preached today, the results will be similar. One should not be surprised to find controversy, perversions in both directions, charges of heresy . . . and persecution from some whose hearts are less tender than their pricked consciences. For the true doctrine of God’s grace convicts — striking down human pride with unsparing and uncompromising severity.

Some past readers have found in this booklet cause for great cheer and encouragement before a just and holy God. Some others have charged it with gross error. Like Paul, it has been accused both of being too strict and too loose, of being “liberal” and being “legalistic.” Now, as in the first century, both errors must continue to be met with the truth — and in the patience and meekness of Christ.

     This book and its author will soon be forgotten. God’s Word endures, however. And when each person stands before the Creator on the last day, the eternal issue will be simple: What is his or her relationship to Jesus Christ, the only Savior and Surety? To help as many people as possible anticipate that day with joy and not fear is the final reason for this little booklet. May God bless its influence to the glory of His Son.