The Restoration Movement Fulfilled In Jesus Christ

rstmvntIn this powerful booklet, Edward presents a Christ-centered review of the origins, present crisis and potential glorious future of the Stone-Campbell “restoration movement” which produced the Churches of Christ, Independent Christian Churches and the Disciples of Christ.

As a faithful critic-lover of his own religious heritage, Edward honestly portrays the flawed premises of the movement, exposes its slide into sectarianism and legalism, but holds great hope for its potential as it focuses anew on Jesus Christ rather than on itself. God is doing a mighty work in the “restoration movement,” among other places, and Edward encourages those who serve in it to have great courage and joy!

Over 16,000 copies of this printed booklet were distributed to every known Church of Christ in America.


  1. How It Started
  2. An Idealized Story
  3. Campbell’s 4-Point Plan
  4. Chopping The Roots
  5. Assessing Our Treasures
  6. The ‘History’ That Counts
  7. The ‘End’ of Our Efforts