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Two Views of Hell
A Biblical & Theological Dialogue

(IVP Academic, 2000, softcover, 228 pages).

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Some evangelicals hold that the wicked will experience perpetual, conscious torment after death. Others argue that the wicked will experience a limited period of conscious torment and then their existence will come to an end.

In this book you will find a frank debate between two evangelical theologians who present strong scriptural and theological evidence for and against each view. Robert Peterson defends the traditional view while Edward Fudge advocates the conditionalist perspective that after a period of suffering, the unfaithful will experience a complete extinguishing, or annihilation, of existence. In addition, each author presents a rebuttal to the viewpoint of the other.

Here is a dialogue that will inform and challenge those on both sides, while impressing on all the need for faithful proclamation of the gospel of deliverance from sin and death.

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