(03/28/2010) Today, God willing, I am speaking twice at South Brooke Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma, talking about Jesus our great high priest, the Son of God who became a man to make men and women children of God.This weekend follows three full days of The Tulsa Workshop, which offers far more than any one person can take in. Much of the joy and benefit of such gatherings is the opportunity … [Read more...]


A gracEmail subscriber in the Bible Belt writes that the church with which he is affiliated is "very traditional and stagnant." He wants to be "free" -- but he is also "concerned about God's authority and abiding in it." He asks, "Can you give me any advice?" * * * "God's authority" states that believers in Jesus are "free" from law, from human tradition and from the condemnation of others. That … [Read more...]