DO YOU REMEMBER when, as a child, you waited for Valentine Day to finally arrive … the thrill of exchanging cards (perhaps homemade and hand-colored!) … boxes decorated just for the occasion? Those were exciting times. Of course, you had a lovely valentine especially for Teacher, and one (at least) for the special kid who sat in the next row over. Hopefully that person had a heart for you, too. The thrill was twice-enjoyed, not only at the school party but later that night at home, when every valentine came out of the box for all the family to see and hear about!

With the passing of time, the number of cards given decreased and the quality went the other way. Homemade ones were fine at an earlier stage, but now they had to be personalized and drugstore-bought. And the time finally came when (shame!) you had to be reminded that “Valentine Day is Friday!”

All of which leads to the thought which Valentine Day celebrates — in varying degrees and diverse shades — that better-felt-than-told quality which we call LOVE!

The Word of God speaks quite a lot about love. There is simple love between the sexes, based on human need and desire. Or the more sophisticated appreciation-love, which grows with acquaintance and knowledge. Then there is the love we learn from God, Who, the Bible says, IS love.

We can go along with the song’s sentiment that “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” But we have an advantage over the rest of the world; we know a love that fulfills, satisfies, and lasts forever. It’s the love of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord. It’s great and it’s true. Pass it on!