A Lecture With Dr. Edward Fudge – The Fire That Consumes

This is from The Lanier Library Lecture Series titled The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment by Edward Fudge given Sep 24, 2011. The lecture was limited to 800 persons and was closed off several weeks beforehand. It was attended by a broad spectrum of folks on this issue yet the lecture was warmly received by all.

Around the world today, evangelical Bible scholars are giving hell a serious second look. Would the God who gave his Son to die for sinners finally keep billions of them alive forever to torment them without end? Does Holy Scripture require such a conclusion—or offer a different vision? The story of how the great majority of Christians came to teach unending conscious torment is as fascinating as any mystery or “Who-done-it.” In this lecture, Edward Fudge will identify scores of generally-overlooked Scriptures, then lead a tour through some paths of church history that are less well travelled, and which are haunted by pagan philosophy, medieval law and Reformation politics.