Family Notes 03/12/2015

THE THIRD DAY OF DECEMBER IN THE YEAR OF GRACE TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN. THANKS FOR THE THANKS! A few years ago, a surgeon who treated me asked if I minded if he prayed for me and that began a wonderful conversation that lasted until he discharged me. This week, I received an email thanks and update from the surgeon, to whom I now offer my thanks in return. Following is a portion of his … [Read more...]

Family Notes 02/12/2015

THE SECOND DAY OF DECEMBER IN THE YEAR OF GRACE TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN. HUH??? I was reading a blog article recently about the use of evangelistic tools. At the end of the article were comments by readers. The first comment, obviously a spoof and not based in fact, said: Did you hear that Billy Graham Ministries has abandoned the Sinner's Prayer? They wanted a fresh slogan to appeal to … [Read more...]

Family Notes 18/11/2015

THE EIGHTEENTH DAY OF NOVEMBER IN THE YEAR OF GRACE TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN. HEAVEN ISN'T ENOUGH (By Gregory Crofford. Excerpted and condensed.) Why did Jesus die on the cross? The tendency has been to say that it was so we could go to heaven. However, that has always seemed incomplete to those coming from a Wesleyan-Holiness perspective. In the "Great Commission," Jesus outlined our … [Read more...]

Family Notes 02/09/2015

THE SECOND DAY OF SEPTEMBER IN THE YEAR OF GRACE TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Dr. Ron Highfield, elder, preacher, author, professor of religion at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, one of today's more effective Christian apologists, longtime gracEmail subscriber, and (like myself), a native son of North Alabama, has announced the publication of his latest book on … [Read more...]

Family Notes 29/04/2015

THE TWENTY-NINTH DAY OF APRIL IN THE YEAR OF GRACE TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN REPORT FROM NEPAL The country of Nepal was struck this past Saturday, April 25 by a massive 7.8 earthquake, and significant aftershocks continue. The monster quake flattening homes, churches, businesses and other structures. CNN Cable News reported more than 4,600 people confirmed dead as of Tuesday, April 28, and … [Read more...]

Vimeo Videos

Now you can enjoy Edward's teachings in video at no cost to you. The venue is Vimeo, the growing favorite of professional quality videos by many of America's leading groups. This aspect of our ministry is the contribution of Mike McHenry, who generously edits, produces, uploads, and maintains the videos of Edward's teaching ministry as they become available. The following presentations were … [Read more...]

The Fire That Consumes

A three-hour seminar by Edward on this topic, as recorded at Christian Gospel Temple in Cross Plains, Tennessee in August 2008 in 9 parts plus concluding Questions and Answers: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part … [Read more...]